AutoCom/Delphi 2013.3 All-in-One Installer for Cars & Trucks +Activation & VMware

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    This is my Delphi 2013.3 All-in-One installer for Cars & Trucks!
    No need to download ANYTHING else!
    Everything is included in this ONE FILE, even the Activator!
    Works in Virtual Machines! (See Below)

    it can work with Delphi DS150E , Delphi ds150e bluetooth , xcar360 CDP , xcar360 CDP+ original version , Multidiag pro ,multidiag pro+bluetooth serise products.
    I've compressed ALL NEEDED FILES into a Single File Download and Created a Batch File that will help you run the programs.

    It will install Delphi 2013.3 Cars and/or Trucks, Patch it/them for Activation, and Activate the program/s.

    It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 32bit & 64bit. I've now tried them all.
    It also runs in a Virtual Machine if you've made the correct modifications to your Virtual Machine. (See Below)
    If having Communication Errors. (See Below)

    ScreenShot of Batch Program:

    download link
    Download SuperSport's Delphi 2013.3 All-in-One Installer - 1.18GB

    UPDATE: Use these to Update your software to 2013.3.3.

    Download SuperSport's Delphi 2013.3.3 Cars Updater - 48.6MB

    Download SuperSport's Delphi 2013.3.3 Trucks Updater - 48.6MB

    To run in a Virtual Machine, you need to do the following:
    Add this line to the VMX file for your Virtual Machine you want to run Delphi in.

    monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = "TRUE"

    You also need to change the description of the Video Driver in your VMware virtual Machine Windows install. Go into the Virtual Machine's Registry and modify this entry.


    Change the following

    "DriverDesc"="VMware SVGA II"


    "DriverDesc"="My SVGA II"

    That's all you need to do.

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    thank you
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    Hello ! I can't run it on a virtual machine . I'm using Oracle VM VirtualBox.
    Do you have any advise ?
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    thank you

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